the Houses

Brassmire is unique, as it does not count its nobility by birth alone. House Elite have sometimes been given better treatment than the Princes and Dukes they constantly rub elbows with.

The Houses are each governed the same, no matter how different their goals or methods. Each House is lead by a ruling council of Elite, which is made up of 7 House Nobles, one House Second, and one House Master. The Nobles act as a council or senate, discussing and deciding the various issues in the governance of the House itself. The Second watches over these activities and deals directly with discipline and meriting of the Nobles. The Second then reports to the First, who sits on the King’s Council, acting to his Royal Highness and the country the way the Nobles are to the individual Houses.

House of Brassmire
House of the ? (Mercantile)
Of the Universarium:
House of the Cog
House of the ?
Of the Holy Library:
House of the Fury
House of the Prophet
Of the Physicarica:
House of Solace
House of the ?
Of the Great Solace:
House of the Magos
House of the ?
Of the Royal Marine Academy:
House of the Bloodforged
House of the Blacklion

There are, however, alternatives to houses.

the Houses

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