Brassmire, a land long torn by civil unrest, has finally come into its own. Ever since the end of the Brightstar Wars, the country has managed to blossom into a glorious land of prosper and plenty, despite its now curious existence.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the capital city of Khaspirr, where his Royal Majesty, King Mordecai I, the Nightbringer watches over a populous full of brillance in every form- artisans, clerics, teachers, scientists, tradesmen, inventors, and warriors have flocked to settle here, turning it into a haven for studious and practical persuits of all sorts. Between the multitude of houses of learning, ( the Universarium, the Holy Library, the Royal Marine Academy, the Physicarica, and the Great Sanctum) and each of the Houses maintaining a small library of specific trade secrets, knowledge is there for the taking.

With all those people needing all those resources, it has also turned into a mecca of trade. It is said that nothing can not be found on the great Market Street of Khaspirr. One only needs to know how to ask.

The Brassmire Chronicles

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